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Where are the best developers in the world based?

Albanian Business Partner,Where are the best developers in the world based

I’m not going to keep you in suspense, European developers are good, but they’re some way from being the best.
We’ve cross-referenced all the data that SkillValue has with the data our competitor, Hacker Rank, gets from the same kind of programming skills testing program.

ABP attended Mobile World Congress 2018!

Albanian Business Partner,Mobile World Congress 2018!
It has now become a tradition our partaking in MWC and CEBIT, the biggest and most important fairs in the World. This is because we want to be part of the innovation in technology and digital communication! We are always looking forward to working with new methods to keep up with state-of-art technologies.

The necessity of Social Media in a business

Albanian Business Partner,The necessity of Social Media in a business
Today, every small and medium business uses social media to reach the desired audience. The internet gives everyone the freedom to choose anything that they like and social media is just a medium to drive them to the desired platform.

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