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For the second time finalists of Albanian ICT Award VIII

ICT Awards is the greatest ICT event organized every year in Albania that promotes projects from Albanians in Albania, and Albanians from all over the world to compete with one another.

On the ICT Awards VIII, we participated with Communis.Cloud, our new communication tool for sharingmedical reports for all clinics and doctors.

We created Communis.Cloud, in collaboration with our Italian partner Tech EmVee in order to provide a safe and efficient solution for all small and medium size clinics, and not only.

Our vision was to create a tool that permits all doctors to work wherever they are and whenever they wish. While it helps doctors be more productive, it also helps patients stay safe at home and communicatewith their doctor.

We started designing this solution a bit longer before the whole world was exposed to Covid-19, and it turned out to be an excellent solution for this period, as well as in the future.

We continue to improve Communis.Cloud with new functionalities to make it better based on the recommendations of our clients and market needs.

This time on Albania ICT Awards, we competed in the Startup of the Year category, it was an exciting challenge for us, and among all the participants, we were nominated in the best three solutions of this category.

It is exited that the ICT Awards motivates every year through a competition all ICT start-ups and talented individuals in Albania, and Albanians from all over the world to develop new solutions.

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