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  • UNDP The National Human Development Report analysed how Albania's democratic institutions are serving to citizens - through the eyes of citizens. To what extend Is Albania's democracy functional? What is missing and how citizens can help constructing a system that works for their benefit - putting an end to the country's prolonged transition. Through an innovative approach, a crowd-sourced and citizen oriented methodology, the report complemented expert arguments with individual views from all the society's strata - urban and rural young people, women, affluent or poor. The report provided an account of Albania's state of democracy during these two decades and its successes and failures through micro-content, info-graphics and periodic mini-surveys. ABP designed the crowdsourcing platform and implemented the crowdsourcing, involving citizens from all over the country into the process through several campaigns on facebook and by email. We helped people to make their own contribution in developing a truly different National Human Development Report in Albania. The project was finalized with an infographics of the results of the crowdsourcing.

  • GIZ Albanian Business Partner collaborated with GIZ for developed and the design of different websites for alps of Albania. was a website who served as a portal for research and agricultural counseling. was a website who supported the municipalities for the promotion of the protected areas. We created a common brand for the region to be identified, and we made also the design of different brochures for the tourists. Two other projects were who was designed to promote the Nikaj-Mertur region and was designed to promote the Shkrel Nature Park.
    On both websites, we shared the most requested sights, and different activities the tourists could do.

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