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  • S4J

  • Prodaps Albanian Business Partner developed the designed the website of Prodaps.
    Our mission was to develop a website for user-friendly navigation where visitors can find quickly all the information needed; it was optimized on web and mobile versions, on various resolutions, screen sizes, and browsers.

  • Green coast
    Reviews: Highest appreciation for the excellent team of ABP Company, run by Juli. We have found in you energetic, proffessional, creative, and above all correct and positive people. You are a real support to us, knowing that you answer us with professionalism at any time. Our moto is: “we want the best product, in the shortest amount of time, with the best offer”, and this is exactly what we found in you. The development of the website of "Green Coast Luxury Resort" has fulfilled all our expectations and we had a very positive feedback from customers. Therefore we have trusted you with the other elements of our work. It is a pleasure for us to have you beside as successful collaborators, to support us at any time. You are our reliable partners
    We started the work with the refreshment of GC identity, the logo and other brand identity elements, finalizing this stage with the brand manual. Afterwards, we worked with GC marketing staff on the advertising campaign, designing all the images for the billboards and city lights, web banners, magazine covers and other promotional materials used to introduce the clients with this new luxury summer destionation.
    ABP designed and developed the new website of Green Coast, according to the latest website trends, in both desktop and mobile customized version. SEO Campaigns were undertaken, to rank the website among the highest Google results. The new page was introduced through and Email Advertising Campaign, to email addresses throughout Albania and a Newsletter was sent to a given database of clients.

  • GIZ Albanian Business Partner collaborated with GIZ for developed and the design of different websites for alps of Albania. was a website who served as a portal for research and agricultural counseling. was a website who supported the municipalities for the promotion of the protected areas. We created a common brand for the region to be identified, and we made also the design of different brochures for the tourists. Two other projects were who was designed to promote the Nikaj-Mertur region and was designed to promote the Shkrel Nature Park.
    On both websites, we shared the most requested sights, and different activities the tourists could do.

    Year: 2017 -
    Year: 2018 -
  • Bregu BREGU sh.a, a construction company, selected again Albanian Business Partner to continue the cooperation with the design and development of their new official website. Our team developed a 3D planimetry for Bregu projects, where their customers can interactively find the plan building details. We continue to invest time and excellent service for our customers, so our business can go beyond their expectations.