S.U.O.GJ Mbreteresha Geraldina

S.U.O.GJ Mbreteresha Geraldina

ABP has successfully implemented all the steps from project planning, IT consulting, network infrastructure solving problems, translation, installation process, customization, follow up and maintenance of ASTRAIA Software.

As one of the first medical softwares installed in public institutions, it was a new experience and a challenge, by having such a large number of maternity staff that didn’t have former computer experience. It was challenging for them, as it was for our company as well, to undertake the digitalization of all the medical data.
ASTRAIA is the best medical software for obstetrics and gynecology in the world, and we are proud to have brought it in Albania also. It has been a long process, since it was the first software that doctors started to use in public hospitals within their daily processes.

We have offered our consultancy in the improvement of network infrastructure in the maternities. Currently we follow up the work, by having maintenance contracts. We update the latest versions of ASTRAIA and train the new staff in maternity hospitals. More than 400 administration workers, doctors and nurses have been trained in “Mbreteresha Geraldine” maternity hospital.


11 May 2016

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